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Posted By admin on 10/20/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses

When was the last time you’ve seen someone with such a huge and sexy ass right in front of you? Well for me.. this was just last night when I was searching for free porn movies on videarn. It was very easy to find her because she was right there. Her ass kept moving from here to there…and I couldn’t let it move any longer. I knew that this girl and her ass were looking for some attention so I went for it. The main reason that I stopped at her show is.. without a doubt… her big booty. We all have a passion for big asses and they all have a thing going for people like us that like to fuck babes with asses like theirs.

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Posted By admin on 10/08/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses


If you want to know why people enjoy free porn tube videos then I’m sure that this picture of Tiffany Cosmid is going to give you a good idea why. Even I have started to visit this place more often lately because of all the hot babes. They all have big ass and titties and the best part about them is that they love to share their nude albums with us. Even Summers here is giving us a quick taste of her boobs before she turns around to the camera to reveal her big booty. Big white booty and big tits MILF? Damn, this should be so fucking boner inducing.

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Posted By admin on 09/23/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses


Make your way over to” rel=”nofollow” “ to find live BBW cams with tons of booty. The big beautiful women have wide asses from 40 inch plus all the way to well over 100 inches!

This is a booty cam site with girls that have phat asses that will mesmerize you. Just look at the booty above. Try to stop. Try to take your eyes off of her. You can’t!

I found even more girls like this on a Russian site. The Rus cams are all the rage right now because the girls are more desperate for money. They will do anything. Nothing is too taboo for the kinky hoes on

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Posted By admin on 06/22/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses

Just like you guys, even I am a sucker for big a ass porn star. I’m not gonna lie, if there is ever going to be a porn star coming into my face telling me that she wants me to fuck her ass… I think I would jizz in my pants.

Amber Peach is the ass in the picture from above and as you can see.. her ass just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s no wonder that she’s always on a hunt for big cocks. She wants to feel how her holes get stretched and her ass cheeks getting backdoor slammed. I have to say that I can’t lift off my eyes from that big butt. It’s an amazing sight.

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Posted By admin on 06/18/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses

big butts

In the land of big butts they don’t come any more seductive than that of Pink Passion. She has a thunder booty that is both hard and jiggly at the same time. It is like one of them optical illusions where the stairs keep going up and up. Got would I ever love to crack that ass before I tap that ass.

Believe it or not I didn’t find this video on some big booty pay site. I found it on my new favorite site called The site takes user submitted videos and updates throughout the day as people upload their favorite beauties. You can upload for free after joining the site.

When you login you can also track your favorite videos. Members get to create collections and some of them have some pretty nasty collections. This makes it nice for the new guys (like you) because you might like a video and be able to surf the collection it came from, thereby finding even more videos you are more likely to enjoy.

The owner is pretty cool and he will respond if you send him questions. I asked about how to find some thunder booty competition videos and the next thing I knew he uploaded several of them. What a top notch bro!

Get your big butt twerking fix at!

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"Hey, mister. Can you spare some cum?"

The economy is growing a subset of the porn industry that most economists probably don’t even know exists. It is called casting sex and it is where girls come in and do anything they can think of (sexually) to get a spot in a porno. Some get throat fucked, some have their tits spanked and others are perfectly fine with taking a hard throbbing cock up their tight asshole.

Casting sex isn’t anything new when you look at it under a microscope. It has been going on since porn movies began. Even Hollywood has been known to engage in the activity. What is different about it now is that the producers realized the girls were doing some shocking things in their casting videos that would make for good porn. So they ditched the end product and started pushing the casting couch videos as the main focus.

These videos are uncensored and the girls are putting it all out on the line in hopes of landing a big part. You will see good girls from the bible belt doing things their parents would never approve of all in the name of competition.

With many of the videos shot in POV style it will be as if the girls are competing for the right to blow your cock and go ass to mouth with your goo stick. Stir some shit up!

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Posted By admin on 03/20/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses

Hailey Leigh naked showing her tight ass Hailey Leigh gives all girls a lesson on how to turn guys on with this very sexy tease porn video. Watch as she stands outside of her glass back door to tease the camera with her perfect body. Wearing sexy lace lingerie she slowly gets naked leaving just her thigh high socks on as she bends over and pushes her ass against the glass so we get to see her tight bald pussy with her pierced clit. This girl has the best body in the business so all the webcam porn girls out there should learn from this girl! Her ability to make guys horny is second to none and if she put on live porn shows she would make a lot of money!

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Oops! Wrong hole. Luckily this horny slut doesn’t mind the sensation of having a big fat dode up her poop shoot. That is why it pays to pay attention there, boys!

Before you accidentally try to analize your old lady make sure to properly oil that ass up. That way your cock will hopefully be six inches up her backside before she knows what is going on. Start rubbing her clit and you just might find she is willing to stay the course.

Big Wet Asses has plenty of videos for your viewing pleasure. They update with 8 new videos a day as part of the PornStar Network. One pass. One bill. Thousands of videos for you to start downloading. Why would you go anywhere else?

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Posted By admin on 03/12/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses


Tell me you wouldn’t hit that shit six ways till Sunday!

This brunette babe is an anal sex slut. To prove it she let the guys at drill her back side until they could not drill anymore. When the video ends she is not gaping. When asked why she says it is because she works out her sphincter muscle. I didn’t even know that was possible.




What I do know is that I wouldn’t mind finding out just how tight her butthole is for my own self. I am sure you wouldn’t mind have a first hand account of her inner workings either.

See her video on the best anal site for guys into big wet asses!

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Posted By admin on 02/15/13 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses
V18038_big_03 V18038_big_05

He might not have gotten to explode his cock load into her thick booty, but shooting it all over her big bronze ass was a great conciliation prize. You can watch thousands of videos encoded for every device known to man on the Pornstar Network with a pass to Big Wet Asses.

It seems even the adult industry cannot escape the consolidation whirlwind these days. It is your gain though. Get access to eight new videos a day and when you cancel you can keep everything you have already downloaded.

The network gives you exclusive access to some of your favorite porn stars as well. Video chat with them for free. Some even exchange Email with their fans. Hey, this chicks get bored when nobody is gaping their assholes for them!

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I found a whole slew of vids at of this bitch doing just about every dirty deed all in one episode. This cum slut of a MILF fucks this guy with her tits before wetting his cock with her mouth. Then she lets him stick it in her rear while she works her clit with a steel vibrator.


She is not done there, bro!


As an ultimate dedication to all things dirty she goes ass to mouth swallowing a dirty cum shot from a cock that was just up her big wet ass!

Watch this video and hundreds more Big Wet Asses movies from the Pornstar Network. There is no digital rights management so you can continue to watch even if you cancel. Everything is DVD quality or higher so put it on the big screen in the living room and tell your wife to beat it!

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Posted By admin on 09/20/12 - Bookmark Big Wet Asses


This big ass bitch needs to get fucked so bad she started finger fucking her tight cunny while she was sucking his cock. Some bitches just cannot wait to get laid. It seems the bigger the booty the more they need cock and want it immediately.

As Big Wet Asses all of the ladies have a 40 Inch Plus booty. They think about cock all day long and when the sun goes down they unleash their ass cracks in hopes of getting plundered by a pirate looking for booty.

The site updates weekly and is part of a huge network. Boy, I remember when you had to join each site individually. Now you can join one and get 80 sites for free. Not only that, you get an entire catalog of DVD quality video. Life is grand and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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